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We deliver a boutique, hands-on experience and are a fun team of audio/visual professionals who breathe life into your event from start to finish. MMPAV values our clients and strives for long-lasting relationships and we work with you every step of the way to ensure your satisfaction and needs are met with the utmost integrity.

With over 25 years in the business, we know A/V, and we know the A/V industry. You can count on us to be by your side taking care of your needs and challenges.


Our cutting-edge technology gives us access to stunning stage sets and graphics, crystal clear sound, and upscale effect lighting that is unmatched in the industry.

Consistency is key. Try us once, and trust us forever. One team for every event, city after city, year after year. At MMPAV, we love working with others and once we start working together, you are family.



"Choosing MMPAV as a partner for our 2021 Virtual Annual Conference was one of the best decisions I have ever made.


A virtual event was the last thing we wanted to do at Sphere 1.  We had seen failed virtual event after failed virtual event and we didn’t want to be another statistic.  We had no idea where to start, how to host an event online, or how to build a program that was engaging and impactful. 


MMPAV was with us every step of the way.  Our pre-planning journey wasn’t hard, it was fun and exciting.  Mike & David helped us think outside our box and discover the assets we had to.  Throughout this process, we were able to develop a program that involved our key leaders along with a strategy that prepared these leaders to present in their first virtual event.


By the time we got to the studio, we were confident and ready to rock.  One of our best experiences with MMPAV was the vibe they created for our team when we filmed our content.  They made everyone feel comfortable, relaxed, and most importantly appreciated for all of the hard work they were doing on behalf of Sphere 1.  

Once everything was recorded MMPAV took our program to a level I never thought was possible.  Their editing team artistically developed an amazing show that made Sphere 1 look like the premium brand we are.  From transition graphics, to music, to camera angles....MMPAV produced a conference that is now considered “Best in Class” in our industry.


Now that our show was produced, the next challenge was broadcasting on the right platform.  Our Virtual Conference was only going to be a success if our patrons could easily view it and MMPAV owned this process.  They developed our own landing page website, picked the right platform for our group, and develop a marketing strategy that would draw the most engagement.  When “Broadcasting Day” hit, everything ran like a fine oiled machine.  Our group loved everything we did and our engagement was 3 times of what was forecasted.


If you are looking for a “Partner” to help you produce your virtual event, MMPAV is the ONLY company for you.  They are passionate, talented, accountable, and most importantly easy to work with."

Thanks MMPAV for making me look good!​

- Mike Shumard, Vice President - Sphere1

Our Team

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Audrey Ivey


Mike Ivey


Bilal Omar


Gavin Woodward

Creative Director

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