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Integrating tech into your next event is a perfect way to promote you and your sponsors. The more publicity, the more money in the bank. A banner or mention in the program still works, but people are so tired of these old advertising methods, they don’t even notice them. Instead, shout branding to the rooftops with tech. You can integrate fun ways to relay your message with these five ideas.

What Is…

Let us help you by grabbing a bunch of iPads and creating a Jeopardy wall. This will delight your attendees as they try to play along. Instead of having the Jeopardy name appear on the iPads until the categories and dollar amounts are revealed, have your or your sponsor’s name appear. You can also include answers and questions in the game that are related to you or your sponsor somehow.

Get Charged Up

More of a must-have opportunity to brand, cell phone charging lockers are becoming more popular than electric car charging stations. While your guests are getting all charged up, the locker can advertise your sponsor, as can overlays, a banner with the sponsor’s name drawing attention to the locker, keycards, and touch screen exposure.

Entice With Enclosures

Whatever you are marketing, whether it is you or your sponsor, set up enclosed kiosks throughout the event grounds to entice people to enter the secret space. Inside will be iPads ready for some interactive fun and to tell whatever story you want it to. You can also conduct point-of-sale transactions in the kiosk and generate leads. Use logos on banners and kiosks, too.

Let’s Connect!

Of course, after your attendees have charged their smartphones at the station, played in the kiosk, they will be ready to check their social media accounts on their phones and, hopefully, be ready to tweet about how much fun they’re having. Have sponsored WiFi access that includes signs throughout the property and a branding message once people use it to go online.

No, Jeopardy Isn’t Enough

Some people don’t like Jeopardy, but they do like interactive gaming. You’ll still build a wall, only each screen will have a different interactive game on it and a different chance to get your branding message out there. Integrate the brand into the gaming software and hardware, and watch as your attendees have the times of their lives.

People are audio/visually stimulated these days, which makes us pretty happy. We won’t lie. If you integrate fun and useful technology into your next event, you’ll not only have a more successful gathering, you’ll also reap the benefits of more customers and better feedback. Let us help you by drawing attention to you and your sponsors at your next event with fun, interactive tools designed to keep your crown stimulated.


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