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I love a social media wall. It is one of the best ways to draw attention to your brand. Nearly everyone is obsessed with social media these days; it isn’t just reserved for teenagers anymore. Businesses, no matter the industry, use social media to boost their presence in their market, and it’s turning those of us in the media industry upside down in a very good way.

Picture This…

You’re at the big game and the only thing more frustrating than the guy in front of you who’s had way too much to drink is all the TV timeouts. By about the tenth one, you figure you’re in for a long night. Then, the home team’s media crew begins displaying social media posts during the timeouts. You’re reading tweets from fans watching the game at home. People are taking selfies and tweeting them. This is actually a lot of fun.

There’s a Method to This Madness

Many athletic entertainment managers are jumping on this bandwagon. Why? Because it’s a fun way to entertain the fans during downtime that they – and here’s the operative phrase here – can participate in, too. You can’t go dance with the cheerleaders during halftime, unless you want to spend some time in security hold, but you can tweet to see if your 40 words get posted on the Jumbotron.

Imagine This at Your Next Event

Now, imagine this much fun at your next event, not to mention the publicity your event will receive from the live social media activity. Have a social media wall at the entrance to or inside your event. Don’t worry. You won’t need a Jumbotron. We can set up a wall for you with TV screens or projectors and this makeshift Jumbotron will catch the eye of all your guests, and it will also change the face of your event.

Social Media Outreach

Every time somebody tries to get their tweet, Facebook post, Instagram picture or other social media chatter onto your social media wall, all of their followers will see it. You will be introducing hundreds of people to your event and your company by simply engaging them on social media. The more people who make the wall, the more people who will try. You cannot buy this exposure. This is social media marketing genius.


Plus, your wall doesn’t have to be limited to social media. It can also be used for other purposes, such as broadcasting your entertainment live during the performance, and broadcasting speakers and presentations. Anytime anybody walks past a television wall, he or she stops. You do it. Admit it. So, alongside engaging everyone by using social media as a tool, get their attention by using the TV wall all night long.

You had fun during halftime when the arena staff started showing tweets on the Jumbotron. You even unlocked your smartphone and started tweeting. Let us help you leverage the power of this tool.


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