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The social media wall at your event is going to be one of the biggest promotional tools you have ever utilized. Think about it. If you encourage the people attending your event to jump on their social media accounts and begin creating buzz, you’ve just leveraged the power of a nearly unlimited amount of free publicity. Even if you only have 25 people engaged in the activity, if each of them has 1,000 followers, that’s the potential to reach 25,000 people. You can’t do that with a mailer.

When We Build a Social Media Wall for Your Event, We…

Don’t worry about the logistics – that’s our job. We can set up a TV or projection wall that will show everyone’s tweets in real-time and grab everyone’s attention. Your attendees are your word-of-mouth advertisers, who will tweet about the fun they are having and provide live reviews. Non-attendees will want to join in on the fun, even if they can only do so by tweeting and re-tweeting.

Making the Best Use of the Wall

One way to start the buzz is by polling last year’s event attendees to start a tweet conversation between them and this year’s attendees. Target the attendees who raved about your event the previous year. It doesn’t matter if they are or are not attending this year. You can tweet them and they can respond from wherever they are. Show some testimonials and get people talking. The point is to have live tweeting displayed on your social media wall.

Don’t Forget the Hashtag

Of course, you’ll want to create a special hashtag for the event tweets. This will get and keep the conversation going. As the hashtag grows in popularity, you’ll be surprised how many people will chime in and from where. Remember the blackout during the 2013 Super Bowl’s halftime? Remember how it turned into an international Twitter fest? All you need is a hashtag and people will flock to get their tweets and pictures on your wall.

Don’t Forget the Updates, Either

You’ll want to make certain you have someone at your event to update the Twitter feed. We can do that for you if you want. Either way, when you make the best use of your social media wall by engaging your attendees who then engage their followers, you’ve just announced your event and your company to practically the entire world. This is a fun media strategy that really works. People are addicted to tweeting and seeing their names and faces on the wall.

Get in touch with us and let’s talk about a Twitter wall at your next event. We can brainstorm a fun strategy that will engage people like never before. We can also set up the wall for you. Use this amazing social media marketing tool and see the results.


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