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The power of live streaming has become a common term in all types of marketing. Starting with Periscope, the amount of people embracing the technology has been incredible. Other social media outlets began taking on the concept. Now, Instagram has added live streaming to their arsenal, making this tech undeniably important for concerts, meetings, and corporate audio/visual events. STORIES Instagram is calling their live streaming function “Stories.” There will be a live badge at the top of broadcasts, and viewers will be able to like, comment, all within the app. Besides Instagram looking to take users from Snapchat and Periscope (that have similar functionality), they could very well normalize live streaming content. HOW LIVE STREAMING CAN AFFECT EVENTS Events cannot be re-lived, that is one of the major draws to live events. The same goes with streaming. Once it is broadcasted, it is not available for replay. This is a great way to promote your event by staying true to the nature of live events. The “fear of missing out” is a strong part of human nature that makes putting on an incredible, once-in-a-lifetime experience attractive. If you are already active on Instagram, this is an obvious next step. If you do not, get on it! Instagram is not going anywhere, and with this “importance of now” direction they are going, anyone that is related or part of the event industry has to get in the game. Having your attendees live stream from the event can create some effective buzz. It may not be able to get you more attendees at the event they live stream from, but it will definitely get people excited about next year. Live streaming can capture the energy and essence of an event that photos or edited videos have trouble translating. Introducing Instagram Stories from Instagram on Vimeo. Whether you are an event planner, involved incorporate audio/visual, or any live event, we suggest getting into Instagram Stories. Feel free to reach out with any questions on what we can do to elevate your event. Thanks for reading!


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