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Today’s subject matter is Speaker Ready Rooms. I’ll tell you why speaker-ready rooms are important.

We’ve all been in the scenarios, where the presenters provide their own laptops, their own tablets, things of that nature. All of a sudden as the rooms rotate, it turns into a gigantic mess, with everyone meeting different adapters needing different connections, needing Wi-Fi connections which aren’t always available.

We have a preset schedule in which the presenters come in and they meet with the graphics engineer. They sit down and they went through the presentation making sure that formatting, fonts, adapters, all the things that are important, are done according to plan. It makes everything run on schedule, it makes everything run a lot smoother, and it relieves the stress associated with the rotation between breakout rooms. Speaker Ready Rooms are something we truly like to encourage. It makes everyone’s life a lot more enjoyable for that conference. This is Mike from MiMedia Productions; making it technology-friendly.


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